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About us

The name Ziggurat has ancient roots dating back to architectural designs of the Mesopotamian era. In efforts to preserve the wealth and livelihood of inhabitants from ongoing floods across Middle East Babylon, tear pyramids were subsequently built. Following a similar ideology within the realm of investing, Ziggurat’s objective is to help users preserve their assets and wealth against potential financial market flooding.We strive to do so by designing a smart trading/investing platform that attempts to emulate revolutionary technologies through mathematics and artificial intelligence. Our company empowers traders and investors to optimize technologies by syncing personal investment philosophy, style, and risk tolerance in the simplest of fashion: at their fingertips.


Ziggurat prides itself in building a simple user-friendly ecosystem, with the goal of providing the ease of informative decision making during the investment process, by linking artificial intelligence with human insights. Our one of a kind AI trading assistant is designed to seek optimal trading and investing opportunities that primarily focus on maximizing profit and minimizing losses.


Ziggurat’s mission is to democratize accessibility and affordability to the most advanced machine intelligence analytics while providing a simple, user friendly platform for trading stocks.


Ziggurat Technologies is excited to lead a long awaited paradigm shift within financial markets. Our underlying ambition is set towards empowering A.I. induced decision making processes through proper data interpretation techniques, rational market reasoning, and behavioral finance biases tailored to all kinds of trading and investing philosophies. Ziggurat’s uniquely engineered AI trading assistant, Zivolve, is aimed towards revolutionizing the trading/investing process by increasing the likelihood of long-term prosperity through deeper, smarter, A.I. insights. Our ultimate goal is centered on emulating both artificial and human intelligence as a means to properly guide our users by utilizing proprietary risk management and reward assessment techniques for virtually every type of trading and investment style.

Zivolve™ is Ziggurat’s uniquely engineered AI trading assistant, utilizing intelligent A.I. perspectives that aim to correlate with specific investor styles and risk profiles. With its proprietary web based investment analytics, Zivolve is capable of identifying smart desired solutions for traders and investors within virtually all global financial market places. Its architecture and design enable it to perform as an intelligent stock selector and real-time portfolio/risk management engine. The AI trading assistant provides market insights with up-to-date streaming analytics that identify fully customizable high probability trade setups for investment decisions of any style, time horizon, or risk profile.

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Ziggurat Lab

Ziggurat A.I. Lab identifies and provides specialized solutions in the realms of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, machine/deep learning, and data science. Ziggurat Finance™ team delivers original, novel A.I. solutions to scale using diverse scientific and quantitative perspectives. With a current concentration on financial big data and dynamic market systems, areas of expertise at Ziggurat Finance™ A.I. lab include but are not limited to: A.I. related to high frequency trading, investment portfolio construction, ESG Data, and quantitative risk management, among others.

Creating your successful experience

We highly encourage our users to provide us with constructive feedback and comments on, Zivolve. Ziggurat’s main goal is to create a successful trading experience for you. That is why we offer you FREE access to our trading application.

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For now we have iOS version of the app ready, Android and Web version will be available soon.

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