Full-stack developer

(Senior or Mid-level)

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team at Ziggurat.

This is currently an equity-based position with high upside potential.

Ziggurat Technologies provides leading-edge quantitative trading and intelligent investment analytics platform along with big data analytics, for active retail traders, portfolio and asset managers, in their daily basis market battle against bigger players.

Our approach is to provide competitive mathematical tools and learning machines and models to give active retail traders an edge against those players equipped with advanced data analytics tools. Our software also has a data-driven learning engine based on fully understanding the market conditions using tools and indicators which are not available in conventional trading platforms.

We strive to offer intuitive, creative, and yet scientifically proven solutions to evaluate the behavior of the market in one hand, and timing for trading on the other in order to manage risk and maximize return.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field preferred
  • Exhibit advanced skills and knowledge in leading and management, math, machine learning, and optimization in order to comprehend and develop algorithms for the Graphical User Interface tools in our web and mobile app
  • Have strong back and front-end development background and experience
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and technologically savvy
  • Preferably local to San Francisco, California
  • Up to date with the most recent technological advances on the database, backend and front end sides