Senior Lead Data Scientist

We are a FinTech start-up, with a Beta product already in the market, looking for a Data Scientist to join our team. In this role, you will have an impact on Ziggurat’s marketing and product all around the world. You will work to better understand our end-users, identify opportunities and improve our products and marketing outreach by creating personal and smart experiences. You will leverage your data and machine learning skills for research and delivery of end-to-end Data Science solutions.


  • Design, develop and implement data-driven strategies and machine learning models for Ziggurat’s products.
  • Create innovative features and data for analysis strategies and models, align with stakeholders and implement these capabilities.
  • Analyze and monitor data science solutions, and communicate analysis results and complex concepts to conclude actionable insights.
  • The candidate will exemplify leadership qualities including, but not limited to, exploring new, cutting edge statistical techniques, serve as a go-to person for both immediate team and external partners, and own the quality of Data Science work.
  • Drive Data Science innovation using advanced techniques to maximize illustration of data driven decision making. Optimize use of developed Machine-Learning algorithms in conjunction with other aspects of decision making (rules, other events, other ML/DL algos, etc.)
  • Experience with Data Science pipeline implementation solutions using state of the art technology for large scale, low latency, production grade systems.
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of various technologies, and design options
  • Comfortable being self-sufficient while owning large scale data science/engineering projects from start to finish.
  • Serve as a mentor of those within the team needing DS guidance as well as those we partner with interested in learning more about the art of Data Science.


  • Master's degree (PhD preferred) in Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Machine Learning or other related fields and a minimum of 12 years related work experience.
  • 5+ years working with statistical modeling techniques (Regression, CHAID, Neural Networks, Cluster Analysis, RFs, XGBs, etc.) required.
  • Extensive experience in modeling, signal processing, innovation and multi disciplinary approaches.
  • 5+ years of experience doing hands-on statistical analysis with some understanding of a statistical programming package such as SAS/SPSS/R/Python/Java/ C/ C++/ C#/ algorithm development, cloud computing and GPU processing, strong and proven mathematical and computer science skills and experience
  • 5+ years involvement in data science solution implementation within customer impacting production solutions.
  • Knowledge of the financial world, market and trading are preferred (but not required).

We are a start-up Fintech company with a Beta product in the market. This position is currently non-paid, however we offer a generous option package.