Smarter investing, deeper insight

Intelligent Trading assistant platform which helps active stock traders make less risky and more profitable trading and investment decisions faster.

Our Vision

Maximizing profit and minimizing losses

Our one of a kind intelligent trading assistant is designed to seek optimal trading and investing opportunities that primarily focus on maximizing profit and minimizing losses.

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Empower intelligent induced decision making process

Our underlying ambition is set towards empowering intelligent induced decision making processes through proper data interpretation techniques, rational market reasoning, and behavioral finance biases tailored to all kinds of trading and investing philosophies.

Process 1

Finding trade opportunities for short term profit.

Process 2

Analyzing, and due diligence and risk monitoring.

Process 3

Trade execution.

Our Product, Zivolve

Identify smart desired solutions

Zivolve provides market insights with up-to-date streaming analytics that identify fully customizable high probability trade setups for investment decisions of any style, time horizon, or risk profile.

Daily Top Picks

Next Day Prediction


Daily Top Picks

Next Day Prediction


Creating your
successful experience

Ziggurat’s main goal is to create a successful trading experience for you. That is why we offer you FREE access to our trading application.